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Change and Transformation

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Change is the act of alternating or modifying an existing state of being to a transformed state of being. Change begins with an idea, the steps in between, and finally the transformation. The idea for change requires the willingness and commitment to action. In other words, a plan of action is required to outline the steps that results in the transformation.

Understand that change and transformation require time and effort. Often times it is not a straight path but involves turns, setbacks, and forks in the road. With that understanding, it is possible to mitigate and prepare through belief and trust in the concept that each of us is a creator of our own reality.

Manifesting our reality requires changing perspectives, and new behaviors. Our thoughts, words, behaviors, and actions create our own reality and result in energy that is released to the world. So, if you think, speak, behave, and act negatively, this negative energy attracts more negative energy into your life. It is important to practice positivity and gratitude for what you already have and not focus on what is missing in your life. Ways to feel the positivity and raise your vibrational frequency are to laugh, dance, sing, walk in nature, read a book, watch a movie, do something that brings YOU joy, and most of all surround yourself with positive people.

One of the biggest obstacles to successful manifestation is self sabotage. Stop the negative internal dialogue and replace it with positive self talk. The late Masuru Emoto (2003), experimented with positive thoughts and intentions on water, demonstrating how both positive and negative thoughts, words, and even music, changed water. Since the human body is made of roughly 60% water, each of us should be mindful of our thoughts, words, and intentions. So, when you find yourself thinking that you are not good enough or smart enough immediately tell yourself that you are worthy of all the blessings that await you.

In addition to practicing positivity and eliminating limiting beliefs, try visualization that focuses on images that reflect your new reality. Really immerse yourself in these images by using all 5 senses: sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. Really embrace the changes you desire by seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, and touching your new reality. Create a vision board with images of your new reality. Place this vision board where it will be viewed daily. Create a positive emotion to associate with your new reality. To assist with this step, select a memory that embodies a positive emotion. Remember the positive emotions surrounding this memory and use them when you are visualizing your new reality.

Create a daily mantra or affirmation that clearly states your intentions for a new reality. Make this statement simple and to the point. Write it down and refer to it daily as part of a morning or nightly routine. Repeat this statement several times with conviction.

Consider practicing meditation to help focus your intentions, and allow your creative side to work in your favor when manifesting your new reality. Find a comfortable place to practice meditation. There are free guided meditation videos available on YouTube with soothing music and instructions for meditation. In addition, some YouTube videos contain embedded subliminal messages and sound frequencies for manifestation behind soothing music that plays for several hours. These particular videos are excellent for manifesting while you sleep.

Lastly, crystals and aromatherapy oils are excellent additions to any manifestation routine. A bit of research is required to find the ideal crystals and aromatherapy scents for your particular intentions. The crystals can be carried or worn throughout the day or night. The aromatherapy scents can be used during manifestation routines to help focus the mind and set the mood.

Remember that change and transformation take time and effort. Commit to the manifestation routine you are doing and you will see small changes that indicate that manifestation is working. So don’t get discouraged if you encounter setbacks. Believe that YOU are the creator of your own reality and enjoy your journey.


Emoto, Masaru (2003). The Secret Life of Water. New York.

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