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Full moon ritual

It is not too late to benefit from the light of the October 1st Harvest moon. The full moon last typically 3 days. So, take the time to reflect over areas in your life that require change. The full moon is about completions, release, and illumination. I spent some quiet time last night in reflection, focusing on one particular situation that has left me stagnant. As an energy worker, I see how not moving forward is not living life to its fullest potential. I see the end of this cycle, a completion that requires release in order to keep moving forward. In so doing, I can now focus on other areas in my life that require illumination and a plan for change. Use this time of the full moon for self-reflection, and perform your own full moon ritual. It doesn't have to be elaborate. It can simply be writing down your thoughts during your self-reflection, recognizing completeness and the need to release, and illuminating areas in your life that require change. Than consciously committing to the release of people, situations, and behaviors that no longer serve your highest good. Focus on one area of your life that requires change and start formulating a plan. When the new moon phase arrives, you'll be ready to set your intention and begin a new cycle. So, go outside and spend some moments basking in the rays of the full moon, empower your self with the knowledge that YOU can transform yourself...Namaste

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