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Time Loop

Last year while completing my Shamanic Practitioner program, I was in deep meditation and witnessed time lines flowing simultaneously and collapsing. Lately in more recent meditations, I have seen these time lines again. However, I saw one or more but not all looping. I have come to realise that this looping of time is what is occurring for the collective consciousness at this time. It is all the more important for each of us to raise our vibrational frequencies and step into another timeline. Fellow lightworkers, the burden falls upon us to raise the collective consciousness to a higher vibrational frequency and teach others to live from a state of gratefulness and love. This darkness that the world is experiencing is in a time loop and we need to jump over into a new time line and a new reality. Whenever possible fellow lightworkers, participate in the prayer, meditation, and healing circles occurring all over the world. I see many posting these events on facebook. As a group, the united voices and intentions are strongest. Namaste....

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Membro desconhecido
11 de jul. de 2020

Hmm.. This is interesting

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